Being Inspired, maybe – 138

 A picture paints ... well, as many words as you like.  For instance:

And, then, the words:

I was left alone sitting in front of the bank of monitors that showed the room with Angelina, the room with Gabrielle and Fabio, a standoff brewing, the passage outside the room where two men were waiting, and a series of passageways, and other rooms that were empty.

The Hollywood team were away in their own area monitoring events and working on scenarios and props.  Their number included two scriptwriters who were working on scenarios of what he might do next as if they were writing a thriller novel.

My money was on escape.

There was no value in staying, or in choosing either one woman or the other because men like Fabio only think of themselves when it comes to the crunch.

If Amy told him he could leave, but not take either of the women, he’d take it.

Ten minutes passed, then Amy arrived outside the door to Gabrielle’s room.  She had one of the men pound on the door, then yell out his time was up.  After telling him to stay back from the door, they opened it.

My view of him inside the room showed him standing just back from the arc the door would take as it swung open.  Was he planning something?  If it was me…

“Come on out, it’s time to meet the people who are employing me,” Amy said.

Something new.  There were no people employing her, and she would definitely not hand him over to the police, so I had to ask myself, what was her play here?

Then I noticed how her two guards were standing.  Not exactly in a manner that would stop him if he made a break for it.  Or maybe I was wrong, reading more into it than there was.

Or not.

As one of the men stepped into the room the bring him out, he crashed into him, pushing him into Amy, and then, in turn, pushing her into the other guard, and in the vital few sends it took for them to regain their balance, he was off, running up the passage.

I saw the look on her face when she looked up at the camera.

This was meant to happen.

Then they took off after him.

I kept track of him on the monitors.  He ran madly up the first passage, and when he got to the end and had to go left, he stooped and checked to see where his pursuers were.  

Not far behind, making a lot of noise.

But, as far as I could see, not trying all that hard to catch up with him.  

Around the corner, there were several doors.  He tried them but they were locked.  OK.  This was a predetermined ‘escape’ where he had to take the route she’d organized for him.

At the next corner, there was a door that looked like it exited outside the building.  He tried to escape through it, but it had a newish chain and padlock holding it closed.  It opened a little, and there was a tantalizing hint of daylight, and freedom just beyond his reach.

The sound of plodding steps pushed him further along the passage until it opened out into a large area with a roller door on one side.  That was the entrance/exit, where cars came and went.  It had a concrete floor, roof, a number of columns, and no windows.  At one end, the furthest from where he came in from the passage was another door.

About 20 yards into the carpark, he stopped and did a full turn, looking for another exit.  He saw the door at the end but didn’t immediately start running towards it.

He looked back towards the door he had just come through, perhaps expecting to see his pursuers, but I could see Amy and the two men holding back, just out of sight back from the doorway.

The next move was Fabio’s.

He waited a minute, then two, before starting walking towards the door at the other end.  There was no panic in his movements, which suggested he thought the door would be locked like the others.  Maybe he’d worked out this was where he was supposed to be.

For what?

AS expected, when he reached and tried the door, it didn’t open.  He took about twenty steps back in the direction he’d come and stopped.

“OK,” he yelled out, “I’m here for a reason.  Come out, come out, wherever you are?”

I watched her transition from the passage to the carpark.

When she stopped they were about 100 yards apart.

“Why am I here?” he yelled out.

“To meet the people who wanted you rescued.”

“Are you saying my escape wasn’t an escape?”

“You’re here.  I figured you’d have to try eventually.  Why not let it happen on my terms?”

I zoomed in on his face and saw that his expression was one of anger, that she had played him.  But, unarmed, and alone, he was not going anywhere.

A loud clang came from the other end of the carpark, and the door that had been closed to him opened.

He turned, and I could see his intent, to make a dash for the door, except when the first person came into the carpark, he stopped dead.

I recognized the man instantly.


© Charles Heath 2020-2021


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