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Being Inspired, maybe – 140

A picture paints ... well, as many words as you like.  For instance:       And, then, the words:   I'm not a betting man. I'd been to the horse races a few times, but every time I backed a horse to win, it would come last, and if I backed it to place, it would come fourth. Then, every time I bought a lottery ticket, my numbers never seemed to come out, as if they were heavier than the others. You get the picture, gambling, and I didn't get along. That being said, Vernon, a friend from school days, and then, having made the graduate program for the same company, remained friends into adult life. He was a betting man, he bet me he would be married first, he picked horses that came first, and always walked out of a casino with more than he walked in with. And he was right, he got married first, had children first, settled into a manager's role, and was content. I was not so eager to follow in his footsteps; I often said that I hadn't found the right girl ye