Being Inspired, maybe – 146

A picture paints ... well, as many words as you like.  For instance:   And, then, the words:       Although that feeling of uneasiness didn't pass, it did eventually give way to overwhelming tiredness.  I tried to stay awake, but the events and emotional roller-coaster of the past few days had taken a toll, not only on me but on the both of us. They say that being caught up in cataclysmic events either strengthens the ties between you or fractures the relationship, and it seemed to me that whatever I might have thought existed between us, was probably not there at all. So much for a pleasant few days in Hong Kong planning Suzanne's little games.  I guess even she could not have predicted what had happened. I looked over at Madeleine, and in the dingy light, looked asleep.  I could only imagine what she was feeling about all of this, a brother that may or may not have been involved, and a friend who didn't seem to be a friend by making wild accusations about

Being Inspired, maybe – 145

A picture paints ... well, as many words as you like.  For instance:     And, then, the words:   Almost a year to the day, Kyle had been surprised to get an email from Janine, the wife of his brother Daniel. When Daniel had arrived on his doorstep, he wasn't exactly a mess, but he had been struggling to understand why his wife of over twenty years would betray him as she had. To Kyle, though, it wasn't exactly a revelation. He had known the moment he saw her, just before the wedding, what type of woman she was. Definitely not monogamous. After all, he had seen her off and on during the six months he had been working in Washington, not only with Michael, but with several other men of varying degrees of importance, and not once as just good friends. And, after he left, to get away from that toxic environment, and an equally toxic relationship with a woman he accidentally discovered was lying to him about not being married, he had learned that Janine had been having not one affair

A story inspired by Castello di Briolio - Episode 42

For a story that was conceived during those long boring hours flying in a steel cocoon, striving to keep away the thoughts that the plane and everyone in it could just simply disappear as planes have in the past, it has come a long way. Whilst I have always had a fascination with what happened during the second world war, not the battles or fighting, but in the more obscure events that took place, I decided to pen my own little sidebar to what was a long and bitter war. And, so, it continues... The Standartenfuhrer checked his gun and settled his nerves for an onslaught.  If they were going to die, then he was going to kill as many of them as he could. He threw his hand pistol to Mayer.  “Shoot anything that comes in the door.” Mayer fumbled the weapon, dropping it on the floor, then finding it hard, with cold hands, to pick it up.  Perhaps his life wasn’t sufficiently in danger to be more proactive. The Standartenfuhrer shook his head.  Boffins were all the same.  The slightest threat

Being Inspired, maybe – 144

A picture paints ... well, as many words as you like.  For instance:       And, then, the words:   ... When it came to holidays, I preferred to get as far away from everyone as possible. I saw my parents, and sister who lived with them, every week on Sunday, for lunch and cross-examination of why I was not married with children yet. Explaining I was only 27 was not a reason because, "your brother married at 21 and he's got three children, a fantastic job, his own house."  and on and on it went. And I saw my brother every other Saturday just to tell him that I was Ok.  He was considerate in one sense; it was just the matchmaking wife always inviting what she considered suitable women for me. That fortnight off work was an oasis in a desert full of well-meaning people. I'd tried dating several girls at work, but they never got past the family inquisition.  If I had been in their shoes, I'd just say it was all too much too.  The lesson I learned there was to never ta

I've always wanted to go on a Treasure Hunt - Part 56

Here’s the thing... Every time I close my eyes, I see something different. I’d like to think the cinema of my dreams is playing a double feature but it’s a bit like a comedy cartoon night on Fox. But these dreams are nothing to laugh about. Once again there's a new installment of an old feature, and we’re back on the treasure hunt. ... Our local area had six churches.  We really only needed two, the catholic church, a big, imposing stone structure that was almost a mini cathedral, showing the wealth and influence of the church, commanding the best location. The other, a protestant church, a very old, simple wooden structure that had been on its less salubrious site, once belonging to the missionaries who inhabited the land with the first settlers, before the Pope saw an opportunity, and moved in. Nadia and her family were catholic.  So were the Benderby’s. My family was protestant, well, not really churchgoers at all, which was a contradictory standpoint because nearly everyone els

Being Inspired, maybe – 143

A picture paints ... well, as many words as you like.  For instance:       And, then, the words:   ... How often do we make a judgment call simply on what we see? I knew what I saw, and it looked exactly like a situation that, if you asked any ten others who witnessed it, they would agree with me. And then there would always be one that wouldn't. The prosecution had made a very good case, the defense counsel had woven a brilliant tale from start to finish, and he delivered in an almost persuading tone, with the subliminal message, the defendant was not guilty. I felt sorry for the prosecution because his delivery had been halting, filled with ums and ers and in the end, everyone, from the judge down, wanted it to end. As for the jury, it was an odd assortment of characters, a lawyer, a builder, a plumber, a housewife, two sales staff, two clerks, a janitor, two retirees, and a motor mechanic.  I thought it would be the lawyer who would be the problem.  The trial had lasted 22 days,

Was it just another surveillance job - Episode 46

I'm back home and this story has been sitting on the back burner for a few months, waiting for some more to be written. The trouble is, there are also other stories to write, and I'm not very good at prioritizing. But, here we are, a few minutes opened up and it didn't take long to get back into the groove. Chasing leads, maybe ... It was all over in the blink of an eye.  The swat team had secured the scene, zip ties, and shoved me into a corner with two burly men standing over me, guns ready in case I tried to escape. Before the next wave, I had time to consider what just happened.  Obviously, Dobbin or Jan had set the scene.  She lied about being able to track Maury, they found him, brought him back to the room, tortured him, and then killed him.  The few seconds I had to look at the body showed signs of intense interrogation. A side benefit was to stitch me up for the crime.  The fact the police were at the door a minute after I’d arrived meant they had been waiting for