I always wanted to go on a treasure hunt - Part 10

Here’s the thing...

Every time I close my eyes, I see something different.

I’d like to think the cinema of my dreams is playing a double feature but it’s a bit like a comedy cartoon night on Fox.

But these dreams are nothing to laugh about.

Once again there's a new instalment of an old feature, and back on the treasure hunt.

I’d kept out of Nadia’s way since then, and the few occasions our paths had crossed, she had studiously ignored me.  After graduating she disappeared, and seeing here with Alex, just now, was the first time in years.

She had grown into the sort of woman you’d see in the social pages of the newspapers and magazines, sometimes for all the wrong reasons, and I wondered if that was how Alex had leveraged her co-operation.
But, there were bigger problems to overcome before I had a chance or find out her back-story.
Alex was going after Rico for the map, a map he didn’t have, a map that Rico was going to need and Boggs was going to suffer the consequences.
Or not, if I could do something about it.

I had a stroke of luck when I got back to the warehouse office where McDonald was waiting, not necessarily for me, but most likely Alex.
“Ah, Sam,” he said when he saw me walk through the door, “Come into the office.  We need to have a chat.”
That sounded ominous.  I wondered if it had anything to do with my absence for what seemed a long time when I’d been watching Alex and Nadia.
“We have a new opening on the afternoon shift, and I thought you might consider it because it pays a little more, with a shift allowance.  The hours are 4pm to Midnight.  What do you think?”
On the way back to the warehouse I’d been thinking about how I was going to help Boggs and keep the job, because the hours I was working made it impossible to do anything during the day, other than spy on Alex.
Taking this afternoon job, I could work, and, in the mornings, help Boggs in his quest.
“When would this start?”
“Tomorrow.  You would not have to come in till 4pm.
“Sounds good then, I’ll take it.”
He seemed more relieved that I that I had accepted.  It made me think for a moment whether this was Alex’s idea, and he had an ulterior notice.  If he did I guess I would soon find out.
An hour later I was on my way home.

I had a lot of items to talk about when I saw Boggs and a possible mission.

© Charles Heath 2019


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