I always wanted to go on a treasure hunt - Part 3

It has been cooler for the last week or so, and the ideas for the treasure story have not been flowing.

Now, it's back and I'm back in the cinema of my dreams, figurative following the treasure 'map'!

This was not the time to panic.
There could be any number of explanations for what I just saw.  Boggs had certainly got me wrapped up in his mysterious treasure hunt, and immediately my mind jumps to conclusions.
I took a deep breath.  There had to be a rational explanation.
Boggs lived with his aunt, his parents had gone away one day and never came back.  He had no brothers or sisters, so he assumed rightly or wrongly, they’d abandoned him.
For the last few years, Boggs and I had been looking for his parents.  That’s how he found the treasure map, in a box of stuff his father had left at his brother’s loft.
Now, his aunt was Spanish, or perhaps that was not totally correct, she was Mexican who spoke Spanish.  Her husband was Boggs’ father’s brother, and they had no children, so they had treated Boggs as their own.
Perhaps the men were known to his Aunt and they were taking him home before he got into trouble.
It didn’t explain why they were talking about the treasure map, whether it was the one being sold by the bar owner or the one Boggs found.  Boggs had it with him, so if they were after it, they probably had it by now.
We’d come to the beach by bus, and I took it back, then walked the mile or so to Boggs’s house.  It was about three streets away from where I lived.
When I turned into the street, there was the kidnapper’s car out the front of Boggs’s Aunt’s house.  A minute or so later I went in the gate and up to the front door.
It was open, so I loitered in the shadows and listened.
A man’s voice, and Boggs’s Aunt.
Again I was struggling with my Spanish, “You should be keeping control of your brat, he’s getting into trouble, in bars and such places.”
“Drinking?”  His Aunt sounded incredulous.
“Perhaps, I know not, but asking bad men questions about the treasure.  Where is the map?”
So they hadn’t taken it off Boggs.  What did he do with it?
“What map.  He has no map, none that he’s told me about.  Besides, that treasure’s a myth, made up by Dooley to get tourists in his bar, if that’s the var you said he was at.  Don’t tell me you’ve been sucked into that myth?  Isn't it about time you got a real job?”
“Just make sure your brat stays away from the bar.”
I could hear footsteps heading towards the front door and ducked into the bushes just as he came out, slamming the door into the wall before stomping off to his car.
I waited till he drove off before coming out, and walking into Boggs, grinning.
“See, I told you it was real.”
The horrid uncle, the map, or the myth?

© Charles Heath 2019


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