NaNoWriMo – Day 9 - Real life impinges on my writing time

Today is the day I pick up the grandchildren from school, cook dinner, then take them home.

How does this affect the writing time, you ask.

It doesn't help if you were up till 2:31 am the same morning and sleep in till after 10.

Still time before leaving at 2:30 pm to go to the school, you say.


Food to prepare, a potato bake, simple to make, but it takes time to prepare, and cook.

Chicken schnitzels, cut the chicken, and crumb it, simple, but takes time.

Before you know it, it's time to go, and the potato bake has been in for an hour so far.

Oh, and one child requires handmade chips, not the bought kind, and neither like store bought schnitzels, so everything is handmade.

By the time the kids are back home, I've got the coffee from a drive-through cafe, it's after 7:00 pm.

By the time I get to the computer to start, it's after 11:00 pm


Mind is a blank.

Just write

Two and a half hours later, 1,697 words.  Gibberish it might be, but it's done.

Thank God tomorrow is a Saturday

Or not.

It'smind-numbingg shopping day!


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