NaNoWriMo – Day 6 - A new twist, when not distracted

You see, this commitment to writing so many words a day becomes a little like a pressure cooker.

Having a plan is one thing, writing to it is another, but to keep going, now, there's the thing.

Like this morning, sitting in front of the computer, knowing only five minutes before sitting down what I wanted to write about.  A new twist in the tale.

Then the phone rings.

Up from the table, over to the phone, answer it.

A nuisance call, someone saying I had an accident when I didn't, a new group of scammers trying to leverage money out of you.  On top of the telecommunication scammers, and the endless charities looking for donations.


I sit down again, but my mind has switched off.

The words are gone.

Breakfast is looking good.


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