A typical day in the life of a writer

Here's the thing ...

I've always wanted to use that phrase ever since I heard it on a TV show called Becker, not that I really understood what it was about, or what the phrase meant, only that he used it a lot.

Mostly to explain why he had not done something, got caught up, was late, or caused a problem.
My reason, not doing something, well, writing basically.

Well, I have, but not the book.

I've been distracted.  Some might call it writer's block, but I can assure you it is nothing of the sort.   I have been drawn away into writing a short story, develop an idea into episodes for an eventual book, and accede to the demands of my granddaughters to write them a fantasy novel.

They want to be the princesses, of course, and who better to tell me what to write than two potential readers.  I have been 'brainstorming' ideas with them, not that they really understand the concept, but we have come up with several kingdoms, good and bad, a princess who behaves badly, promised to a prince who is very bad.

There's a whole lot more in there, like ten different quests to find 'magical stones' that as yet we are not sure what is going to happen when they are brought together.

Then there have been the bad dreams or more to the point nightmares.

No one told me at some point that I might become the character of my book in my imagination, and it the darkest hours of the night, would send me to places I've never been, in situations I could not 'imagine', but had, and having me wake up screaming.

I think it was me.

Could be the people next door.  Houses are so much closer together, not like they used to be!

Those nightmares might be because I have been researching jungle warfare, and from what I read, steamy jungles, fighting against an invisible enemy, and continually wondering if the next day is going to be your last, is hardly a place you would willingly go to.

Still, the story must progress.

I have a half an outline for the fantasy novel, and there it will sit.

I have nearly finished the short story, and to be honest I thought it would be a breeze, just get the story down and a few rewrites.  Nothing could be further than the truth.

Then, ideas are running through my head at a million miles an hour, ideas for stories, ideas for books, ideas for a blog.

All I need is a 60 hour day, and I'm sure some of it would get done.

OK, it's been nearly a month, time to get back to the schedule of writing the 2,500 words a day to get this thing finished.

Perhaps I need a better schedule, or better still someone to make sure I stick to it.

I never thought writing would be this much hard work!


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